Fallen Order Aurebesh

In probably what is one of my nerdier moments and something literally nobody would probably want, I decided I would go through all the legible Aurebesh I could find in Jedi: Fallen Order and translate it. So you too, can now know what is written on Imperial worksites in galactic basic…

Title Screen

The title screen has the meditation motif with the word “Balance” rotating around the Respawn logo, “Force” and “Serenity” around the Fallen Order logo. What a load of wizard mumbo jumbo!


As you’d expect from the Imperial controlled planet of Bracca, there’s plenty of health and safety signage. With the obligatory “do not climb” and Orwellian notice from the caring Galactic Empire!

This worksite is under Imperial surveillance
Suspicious activity will be

Yes, if you’re up to something shifty, it will be criminalized… pretty sure that’s just short hand for “you will be arrested and questioned” but hey, strong words from a strong Empire.

Finally we arrive and a Scrappers Guild notice, they are a caring employer afterall

Remember: Safety First!
Watch your step
Report shaky scaffolding
Any and all accidents are preventable
[scra]ppers guild is not responsible for any worksite injury

Now, like me, you may be thinking that the graffiti on the train is where there might be a real nugget hiding, sadly it’s all gobble-dee-gook! Try as I might to decipher it, even anagram’s didn’t work. Just random Aurebesh letters *sadface*


Zeffo has a great deal of Imperial notices and tagged crates, hardly surprising given the storyline, so starting on the landing pad. There’s a nice shipment of Nerf Fur‘s just left lying about, given the amount of rugs in the village, I’d be willing to bet that aside from making space shepherd’s look scruffy, Nerf fur makes for good rugs. There’s also a crate of Turbine Brakes on top

Nerf fur & Turbine Brakes

Then the Empire starts slapping their posters up again! With No Public Access being a common one. There’s even respect and care for the villager’s property courtesy of the ISB.

See? The Empire did care for the common people. Even during eviction, the good General Markon of 201st Squadron made it clear that everything was under Imperial protection.


Eviction Notice
Civilians must immediately report for relocation. Looters will be shot.
In accordance with Imperial Code 94364: No selling or trading without proper authorization and explicit consent, this property and its belongings are now under the protection of the Galactic Empire. – General Markon, 201st Squadron.

With individual notices dotted around the village, there are also numerous, large, red warnings for all to see. With the selling and trading notices and “Restricted – No Public Access” signage all over.

This area is off-limits
Imperial Code 94364
No selling or trading

A bit deeper into the operation on Zeffo, we see the same symbol from the Nerf Fur crates, but these containers have Zeffo Exports – Canvas on them.


There’s not much to be seen on Kashyyyk, however there are containers used to store Worsyr tree sap… by the Tarkin Initiative (the same scientific group that Galen Erso belonged to). The containers disappointingly bore the following:

Warning Cargo Caution
Danger Cargo
Warning Cargo Warning
Cargo Caution Warning
Caution Warning
Caution Warning Cargo

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